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About the Library Media Center

About the Library Media Center

Welcome MAS Families!   

In the library, we will be reading books, doing research, and learning how to use online resources.  And of course, we will be checking out books!  

I am excited for a new year of exploring, learning, playing and growing through reading.  Thank you for helping your child become a kind, safe, and responsible MAS reader!


Mrs. Cremin


Here in the library, we strive to nurture students’ love of reading, inspire curiosity,  educate our children to become detectives in a world of print and media, and encourage each child to find his or her own unique way of contributing to the school community as well as the greater city of White Plains. 


The MAS Library Media Center is open every day during school hours.

Each class will come to the library on its assigned day for 40 minutes during the school's 6-day rotation.

Circulation Policy 

Each child will be able to take out one book at a time.  Books are due back the next time students have library.  A book may be renewed once as long as no one has requested the title.  A student will not be allowed to check out a book until the previous book they have borrowed has been returned.  If they forget their book at home, I will hold the requested book for a day.  Reminder notices are sent home just to help remind your child what book they borrowed and that it is now due back.  

Fines and Lost Books

There are no fines for returning a book late or losing a book.  If the student forgot the book, they will not be able to take a new book home until the book is returned.  If they think they have lost the book, then I ask them to look for it one more time.  If they can't find it, then I will mark it as lost and have them check out a new book.  If the book is ever found, then please return it and I can add it right back into the system.